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I. Copyright

(a) Commissions operate under Australia's copyright and consumer laws. I (Lycel) have copyright over my works and will use the images for my own purposes (streaming, portfolio, commercial use, etc), unless the commissioner has specifically negotiated for their commission to remain private.

(b) For standard commissions, the commissioner is able to use their commission for private, non-commercial use such as a profile picture, as a reference, and to print for personal use. Non-commissioners cannot repost or otherwise use the art unless permission has been given by the artist.

(c) Twitch emotes and badges are an exemption, as they can be reproduced and sold as a Subscriber or Bits reward on by the commissioner. General commercial use rights (such as described in I(d)) will still have to be obtained for other commercial reproduction, such as selling the work as merchandise or prints.

(d) A commission can also be specifically made to allow for commercial reproduction of the material at +300% extra charge, or a price negotiated when the piece is commissioned. This will allow the commissioner to sell and reproduce the artwork as they see fit. If a former commissioner wishes to obtain commercial rights to a former commission, they can pay the +300% at a later date to do so.

II. Process

(a) Once the commission is complete, following consultation before and during the commission process, the commissioner does not have the right to request unreasonable changes or a re-do of the emote without appropriate compensation, which is to be negotiated prior to alterations.

(b) All prices are listed in USD and are paid via PayPal. The price will be paid via invoice once the commission has been completed. Work in progress images will be provided if the commissioner's opinion or clarification is needed, but are not guaranteed unless specifically requested during the negotiation.

(c) Rude or disrespectful behaviour may result in a termination of service.

III. Refunding

(a) I reserve the right to cancel the commission and refund the invoice at any point. The commissioner may not, after the invoice has been paid and the commission has been completed, request a refund or cancel their commission. The commissioner may, however, cancel their commission prior to the commission being completed. The commissioner's consumer guarantees remain protected and vary depending on the laws of the commissioner's country.

IV. Postage

(a) Any traditional art commissioned can be posted to the commissioner if they wish, but they will pay for the price of shipping to their location, wherever that may be. The type of shipping desired will be discussed during the negotiation. The price of shipping will be included in the invoice and any location information divulged will remain entirely confidential.

V. Privacy

(a) Any information provided such as address, full name, email, phone number, and finances, either via PayPal or during the commission process, from either party, will remain entirely confidential, and will not be released without explicit written permission.

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